Local Packed Lunches
Local Packed Lunches
wrap with meat and salad

Local Packed Lunches

Enhance your travel experience with our convenient and delicious Lunch Pack specially designed for tourist buses, field trips and excursions. Enjoy a delectable assortment of freshly prepared, locally sourced meals that cater to all dietary preferences. 

Our standard Local Packed Lunch includes: 

  • Wrap with Meat & Salad
  • Seasonal Fruit Salad
  • Juice or Water
  • Cookie

We also cater to dietary needs. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available. Our thoughtfully crafted lunch options ensure you stay energized and satisfied throughout your journey. With a focus on quality ingredients and convenient packaging, our Lunch Pack offers a seamless dining solution on the go. Elevate your bus tour with our flavorful and hassle-free meal option. Grab your Lunch Pack today and embark on a memorable culinary adventure!

Wrap Ham or Chicken * Between 1 and 2
Between 1 and 2
Seasonal Fruit Salad Included

Diced seasonal fruits packed to eat on the go

Juice or Water * Between 1 and 2
Between 1 and 2
Cookie Included
Optional Add On Optional

Lolly Bag, Trail Mix or Muesli Bar