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We are Social Trader Certified!

Catering People are thrilled to share the news that we have been recently certified as a Social Enterprise by Social Traders. As a certified social enterprise, we will now work with a new network of like-minded Australian businesses with an interest in social purpose.

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What does Social Trader Certification mean for you- our clients, our community, and Catering People?

Certification of Catering People guarantees to clients, partners, and staff that we have a social purpose as our business model. And that although our revenue is derived from commercial trade, significant profits and resources are invested back into our social mission. As a certified Social Enterprise, we have met a definition that aligns with international standards which in turn gives our business credibility.

What is a Social Enterprise? 

Not-for-profit governing body Social Traders defines it as “A socially responsible business that operates to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people with access to employment and training, or help the environment.” Certifying as a Social Enterprise means we have proven to be genuine and trustworthy in using the revenue to uphold our social mission.

What does this Certification mean for Catering People?

Owner Carmel Tulloch says “We now have more chance of advocating change on a larger scale as this status introduces us to organisations such as the Yunus Centre at Griffith University Business School.”

The Yunus Centre is interested in how innovation and entrepreneurship can build inclusive and sustainable economies. As well as creative and cohesive communities. 

A further benefit Carmel adds is “Participating member organisations recognise our authenticity as a social enterprise. This can bring about more business for Catering People, which provides further employment opportunities.”

Catering People was founded with the primary goal and social mission of creating sustainable employment and training opportunities in the local and surrounding community of Toowoomba to those of backgrounds of disadvantage, inclusive of those with disabilities. As a Social Enterprise, Catering People have always felt that no matter your status, everyone deserves a chance to have equal employment opportunities that facilitate their knowledge, skills, and growth as individuals. This perspective is what Carmel has always upheld within her team.

As the owner, Carmel is passionate about helping others, and loves creating community-driven and sustainable businesses. She aims to lead the way of what she sees as a moral and ethical way of doing business. With an approach that puts people and our planet first, but is profitable enough to make it sustainable. Carmel says she is “driven now more than ever to grow our business model and empower more through providing employment and training and a chance to leave poverty behind and create a better, more fair, prosperous life for as many as we can.”

What does this certification mean for our community? 

This means more job opportunities and job force growth for those that need it. In the midst of a global pandemic environment and a weakened global economy, the need for Social Enterprise, and more importantly those certified, is growing. For our community, it will be the chance to link businesses and government to Catering People. Which in turn will help create jobs for disadvantaged Australians, and those locally affected by the pandemic. A job for a person such as this can be life changing when they have been struggling not only financially, but likely mentally as well.

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What does this certification mean for our clients? 

As a client, you have the confidence knowing that you are not only getting amazing food and service from our skilled and dynamic team. But you are also helping those within your own community. You can be assured that when you make a booking with Catering People, your payment will be used towards our social mission of creating sustainable employment locally. 

This means you are helping generate positive, sustainable social change. Social Traders notes “Buying from a social enterprise is one of the most effective ways of breaking the cycle of disadvantage and strengthening Australian communities.” What better feeling than knowing you are helping your community, and making an impact!

As a certified Social Enterprise, Catering People look forward to working with you soon- in which together we can build a better and stronger community.

– Blog Post Written by Joss McDonald

Do you need catering for your next function? Contact us now and support us as a newly certified Social Trader!

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