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Training & Team

Throughout a challenging time for small business, the team at CCP is still achieving goals. The downturn in business saw an opportunity for training and studies to be completed. And for one special team member to embark on a new chapter.

Carmel Tulloch, business owner of CCP | Your Catering People has long been passionate about providing a workplace for workers to learn and thrive. And during the COVID-19 downturn in business, this was no different. With two of the team completing their study during this time.

Achieving Goals

Sean joined the team in early 2020. He was looking for a company that would help him complete his final year of a Cert III in Commercial Cookery. This can be a difficult task when looking in the hospitality industry, but CCP | Your Catering People were happy to help him. 

A few weeks ago Sean completed his Cert III in Commercial Cookery. When asked what he liked about working at CCP he said ‘The staff are very inclusive and there was a wide range of tasks.’ So he had a lot to learn on the job. 

Sean enjoyed working with the team. Saying that Adam and Karl were ‘calm and patient and always willing to teach him new skills’

Overall Sean found the apprenticeship to be ‘really cruisy. Although there was a push at the end, Adam and Karl were there to help with any questions.’ 

CCP congratulates Sean on finishing his apprenticeship and wishes him luck on his journey to becoming a boilermaker!

Man cooking steak and burgers
Images of Chefs training

Upskilling in Hospitality

During this time General Manager Adam Archer, who is already a qualified and experienced chef, also had the time to complete the Diploma in Hospitality Management from Aurora Training Institute. CCP is so proud to see our core leadership team focused on skills development, with this learning positioning Adam as a hospitality industry professional. 

Congratulations & Well Done!

CCP | Your Catering People wishes to congratulate both Sean & Adam on the completion of their certificates. To thank Aurora, Downs Hospitality Training and MEGT for their continued support. Plus providing training for CCP Employees. And also to our team, for staying on with us .And fighting to not only survive but to thrive during this difficult time. 

If you’re interested in joining the team at CCP | Your Catering People please get in touch. Email functions@cateringpeople.com.au for more info. 

As always, CCP | Your Catering People thanks our customers for your loyalty. 

CCP | Your Catering People are open!

If you require catering for an event, meal delivery or would like to order from our A La Carte menu do not hesitate to get in touch. Our delicious food and excellent service are waiting for you!

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