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You’ve gotten engaged and you want to find a caterer and a venue, besides everything else to do for your wedding. Introducing the Sunday Wedding

Catering People want to help take away some of that stress when planning your perfect day. We have recently signed on to a great partnership with the stunning Bracknell Lodge. We will be their exclusive caterer for Sunday weddings!

Never thought about having your wedding on a Sunday? Here are some top considerations to help you decide the terrific option this is.

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Reasons for a Sunday Wedding

Saturdays, and then Fridays, are the most popular days to get married. Venues often book 12-24 months in advance. By choosing a Sunday wedding, you’ll have more chances of getting your dream venue. You’ll also have more choices for your ideal wedding caterer, such as Catering People. Additionally, you‘ll have the possibility of now being able to hire your favourite band. Or that sought after photographer.

Sundays are fantastic for a morning ceremony and lunch reception. This gives you plenty of time to end early so your guests feel refreshed for work the next morning. You can also spend more time with any out-of-town guests before the wedding. Furthermore, guests may prefer to take a Monday off. Who really wants to work on Mondays?

The pandemic of the last two years has disrupted heaps of already booked weddings. The date you had in mind is likely gone with them now rescheduled. Having a Sunday wedding with Catering People at Bracknell Lodge gives you possibilities. Still near to your desired date, you may not have had otherwise.

We can help you have the wedding you always envisioned, without having to wait.

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Why we’ve partnered with Bracknell Lodge

Catering People are so excited about this new collaboration. Located 15 kms out of town on 150 acres of farmland. This charming venue has a rustic and casual feel, yet is elegant and romantic. On the grounds, it boasts a historic chapel built in 1904. There’s also lush gardens, and an industrial barn with seating for 200. Complete with a Victorian horse and carriage for that fairytale bridal entrance. Or ride into the sunset at the end of your magical day.

Brides Choice Awards 2021 winner for Southern Queensland Country, Bracknell Lodge gives a beautiful location for your dream wedding. The surrounding countryside provides a fabulous backdrop for photos of your momentous day. We agree with owners Rick and Rebecca Knudsen. – It has “the ideal setting for a relaxed and unique wedding function experience.”

Catering and Drinks

Brunch style reception with a Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar. A lunch reception to maximize your time with guests. A dinner reception with cocktails at sunset. Plated or buffet. At Catering People we offer a range of options to fit your budget.

We ensure you get delicious food with exceptional service. We want to make your desired wedding outstanding. Click here to see what we offer, or email us to ask how we can help make your important day more memorable.


But you still need the rest of your Sunday Wedding arranged

You’ve now got your venue and caterer sorted, but are unsure of who to book for those other important roles. Catering People have a couple of picks in Toowoomba that we love working with.

After a florist? Look no further than the gorgeous bespoke arrangements by Bellissimo Blooms. For a photographer, check out Sonny and Kat Photography. They’re a creative, down-to-earth duo who capture your special moments and also make you feel at ease.

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Bracknell Lodge + Catering People

2 in 1 simplicity. Professional and friendly. Elegant and unique.

Take the stress out of finding a separate venue and caterer for your special day. A fantastic choice that lets you get married without waiting for coveted availability. Say YES to a Sunday wedding with Bracknell Lodge and Catering People!

– Blog Post Written by Joss McDonald

For enquiries and availability contact Bracknell Lodge or email us today.

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